FIATA   is the leading network of international transportation and supply chain companies ever created. Today, World Cargo Alliance has greater than 600 member offices located in more than 120 countries and in close to 400 world markets, providing its members with substantially more services than any other network in the world.
World Cargo Alliance -WCA    is the world’s most powerful grouping of independent freight forwarders with more than 1,500 member offices in nearly 500 cities and ports worldwide. WCA Family runs networks, which are vital in enabling forwarders to find suitable partners in other countries. WCA Family does not engage in moving cargo and does not profit from any form of cargo transportation.
World Customs Organization - WCO   a wholly owned subsidiary of World Cargo Alliance designed to benefit the thousands of China forwarders seeking help in finding trusted agents worldwide. China Global Logistics Network is dedicated to China and the international forwarders, which has need for more effective solutions within this mega growth market.
International Association of Ports and Harbors - I   is the first globally recognized freight forwarding network dedicated to connecting small and medium sized independent freight forwarders in India and the Sub-Continent with similar companies'' worldwide.
International Air Transport Association - IATA   is an organization composed of the world’s most experienced independent project forwarders and companies engaged in project-related activities. Providing a platform for global interaction among its members, WCAPN’s affiliation with the WCA Family of Logistic Networks enables member access to vast global resources and an expansive presence. Developing new opportunity in emerging markets is a prime focus of our group.
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