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Sinotrans Ltd is a H-share company with China National Foreign Trade Transportation Group Corporation (Sinotrans Group) as its controlling shareholder. Sinotrans Ltd was injected into by Sinotrans Group its core businesses, well-performed assets and professional staff in China's coastal and other strategic regions like Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Lianyungang, Shandong, Tianjin and Liaoning; Sinotrans Ltd inherited from Sinotrans Group its over fifty years of experience in transportation and logistics, a strong customer base and a world-renowned brand. Sinotrans Ltd is a leading integrated logistics services provider in China. Up to the end of 2004, Sinotrans Ltd had a staff of 16,817 employees, a total asset of 13 billion RMB, and a net asset of 6.8 billion RMB.   Sinotrans Ltd operates logistics as major business, with an integration of ocean transportation, land transport, airfreight, warehousing and terminals, express services, shipping agency and freight forwarding. The fifty years of operation by Sinotrans Group has nourished and formed the capabilities necessary in designing one-stop solutions and the organizing, coordinating and managing in logistics services. Sinotrans Ltd has built a network covering all over China and major economic areas of the world. Apart from the network in China's coastal regions and major strategic areas, Sinotrans Ltd owns a airfreight and express service network covering major cities and economically active areas in China through its subsidiary-Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co. Ltd., who sets up 6 regional branches and 28 sub-branches. Through multiple contracts with Sinotrans Group, Sinotrans Ltd can utilize its largest network in China; through international partnership, Sinotrans Ltd enjoys an overseas network.